RS24 Remote Switch

The TSGC RS24 Remote Switch has 24 cable card connectors, mounted on a motherboard. Each card connector will accept wither the 12 or 18 T/C cable card. You need only as many T/C cable cards as cables in the application.

Quality & reliability features

  • Relay system with hermetically (environmentally protected) sealed relays
  • Gold-plated contact points on all connectors
  • LED indication on the cable cards – aids in troubleshooting and checkout

Flexibility and growth features

  • Customer flexibility – switch relays data for use in conjunction with a PLC to create a custom aeration program
  • Cost effective – a PLC with TSGC’s remote switch (or switches) can be set up to automatically control fans, which saves energy and manpower
  • Serviceability and growth – modular components for ease in replacement or expansion