MaxiTrack™ v2 software

A Break Through to a New Level of Safety

MaxiTrack hazard monitoring goes beyond traditional Scan, Display, and Alarm functions all temperature and motion sensor conditions and alarms are sent via radio to your PC.

You’ll put more people in the safety loop — with this easy-to-use interface for remote hazard monitoring of grain handling equipment. Alarm notifications include audible, e-mail, and cell-phone messaging with alarm details.

Take hazard monitoring to new heights with ‘MaxiTrack v2’ Hazard Monitoring.

  • Now faster than MaxiTrack 1
  • Real-time graphing
  • Graph up to 1 year’s data
  • SQL database
  • No need to scroll pages to see all motion controllers
  • Current data and recent Activity Log available on web page
  • Email/text alerts as before

Wireless Radio or Hard-Wired Installation

  • “Mesh” technology radios available in 900 MHz and 2.4 Ghz, with a range over 1/2 mile (Line-of-sight).

Data Archiving and Graphing

  • Maintains over 1 year of Nominal Readings.
  • Permanent Archive of all Alarm Readings.
  • View Current Data via a Web Page over the Internet