Computerized temp monitoring system


  • Utilized windows based software package
  • Capable of interfacing to existing remote switches
  • Interfaces to a combination of switch types
  • Built-in-indicator lights and diagnostic circuitry allow for easy system verification
  • Automatic OHM reading capability and temperature retrievals
  • Windows software allows for almost all operations to be done using only the mouse
  • Software allows the user to easily read all cables or only selected cables, either automatically or manually
  • Readings can be taken automatically or pre-selected times chosen by the user
  • Automatic OHM reading capabilities allow for easy verification of switches, cables, and lead wire, and pinpointing problems
  • Color coded reports quickly identify temperatures that are hot, cold, or have risen excessively from the previous reading allowing users to identify potential hot spots before they become a problem
  • Up to 100 readings may be saved
    The notepad area for each cable allows the operator to keep specific information pertaining to that particular cable
  • Optional 3D graphics, customized to the user’s facility, allow for quick and easy identification of hot spots